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Swan Club Wedding - Lotus Weddings

Swan Club Wedding - Lotus Weddings

The Swan Club is a beautiful venue in Long Island to host your wedding. We as creative Long Island Wedding Photographers love shooting here. In this particular different wedding photo, the wedding day is almost over.

We have already photographed all of the "must have's" of the day, such as bride getting ready photos, groom getting ready photos, detail shots, fun bridal party photos, traditional family photos and really fun and creative photos of our awesome couples. We were almost done with dinner when the bride asked us to take some night time photos, we were more then happy to do so, as night time wedding photos allow us to get creative and think outside the box. Just as we walked outside it started to drizzle a little, the bride and groom LOVED the idea of a rainy night time photo shoot. We were able to capture this and 3 or 4 more photos before the rain got too much to handle. In all, I think we spent maybe 10 minutes outside.

What I love most about this rainy day photo at the Swan Club is how candid it looks. While of course posed the couple to be at this exact spot and fixed the lighting so it would be perfect, we don't want our wedding photos to look posed. We call it the 90/10 rule. We will get you 90% there, we will select the location, get you in a simple pose adjust the lighting and then you give us the expression. That really makes the photo, without our awesome couples putting themselves into the photo and giving us the expression the photo has no life.

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Location: 90 Glenwood Rd, Roslyn, NY 11576 .

1/100; f/5.0; ISO 2500; 130.0 mm.