The Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer - Candid

The Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer - Candid

The Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer -

Romantic Wedding Photos are one thing we at Lotus Weddings LOVES about weddings! Kelsey & Cory are two absolute dolls!  This wedding photo was taken at The Venetian Yacht Club.  

In this romantic candid wedding photograph the groom gives his bride a loving forehead kiss. This candid wedding photo was taken at the fabulous Venetian Yacht Clubs entrance,  which was the perfect place for this fall wedding. 

The colorful flowers make the newlyweds stand out. The groom is in his classic tux as he kisses the woman of his dreams. You can just feel his emotion by looking at his face. The bride in her wedding gown rests into her groom's kiss in complete bliss.

This was one of the most loving couples! This Venetian Yacht Club Wedding was a treat for us because it was so easy to capture the romance of this bride and groom because it was clear to all of us that it was true love. Their families were also loving and happy. There were so many hugs going around with the family and friends that it was hard not to feel the love.

At Lotus Wedding Photography, we take pride in the work we do. We are serious about capturing the moments and creating memories for a husband and wife to cherish for always. If you fell in love with this photo as much as we have then please check out our home page, where you will find hundreds more dramatic, photo journalistic and creative wedding photographs. 

Location: 494 Fire Island Ave, Babylon, NY 11702 .