Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer - Dramatic Sky

Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer - Dramatic Sky

Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photography Studio -

The Venetian Yacht club is a beautiful Long Island Venue to host your Wedding day.  We started the day with Kelsey & Cory at the Hyatt, a nearby hotel.  We did a first look then went to Bethpage State Park. We were able to capture beautiful wedding photos with tons of gorgeous green backgrounds but wanted to end the day with some really dramatic wedding photos.  We wanted something, different then what we were capturing all day.  So we decided to go around The Venetian Yacht Club, they have a parking lot, and many people thought we were crazy, but I assured the bride that it would look great!   This is literally the FIRST photo I took here, I showed it to her and she was THRILLED!  Sometimes the places you think will not work, work better then you think.

DRAMATIC is one word that captures the essence of this beautiful Long Island wedding photo. The bride and groom stand at the dock of the Venetian Yacht Club. The amazing sky is captivating behind the industrial horizon. The groom in his tux is confident and full of charisma as he rests on the dock and gazing adoringly at woman he intends to spend the rest of his life with. The bride's body language tells her husband to be to come closer. The bride was concerned about taking photographs on such a windy day but as you can see in this image, the wind gave her wedding dress and hair movement which made this photo powerful. The bridal bouquet is full of vibrant color and detail which compliments the bride.

The happy couple chose this venue because they both share a love of the ocean and boating. The bright clouds against the deep blue sky provide the perfect background for this Long Island Wedding Photograph, 

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Location: Venetian Yacht Club - 494 Fire Island Ave, Babylon, NY 11702 .