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The Bourne Mansion is one of Long Island's premier catering halls. It is located at 500 Montauk Hwy, Oakdale, NY 11769.

It is part of the Lessing's world-class catering halls. Some of Lessing's other catering halls include:

We have photographed many weddings at Bourne Mansion. One of the reasons we are considered one of the best Bourne Mansion wedding photographers is because of how we approach your wedding day.

Each couple has a unique vision of what they would like their photos as well as their experience to look like. We take the time to get to know each and every one of our Brides & Grooms. A month or so prior to your wedding day at the Bourne Mansion we will sit down and go over what types of images you and your fiancé prefer.

Do you like light and airy images? Or, do you prefer a more dark and dramatic style? Do you like to be posed, or would you like more candid wedding photos? Perhaps you would like a mix of traditional and artistic pictures. By understanding your unique vision and style we customize how we photograph your wedding based on your style

Bourne Mansion in Oakdale

We started this wedding day with the bride. Her getting ready photos are some of the most creative images of the day. We love to use available light to create interesting and unique images of the wedding bands, invitation, earrings, bridal bouquet and of course the wedding dress.

After the details pictures were taken we moved on to the couples first reveal. Since the couple chooses to host their ceremony on-site at Bourne Mansion, they had two ways to plan their wedding.

Option A: The Groom sees the Bride for the first time at the alter as she walks down the aisle.


Option B: The couple sees each other prior to their ceremony, this is called a first reveal or a first look.

The reason to do a first look is so that you can get all of your fun bridal party photos, traditional family portraits as well as creative couples photos done prior to your ceremony so that you can go to your cocktail hour.

I set up the first look in front of the Bourne Mansion. It made the perfect backdrop for this type of photo.

We then used the grand staircase to create some dramatic and creative wedding photos of the Bride alone, then added the Groom for some couples portraits.

I choose to use Bourne Mansions large columns to photograph the big bridal party photos. After talking with the newlyweds, they told us that they preferred a mix of traditional, fun and artist images for their bridal party. So we set up a variety of styles for this section of the shoot.

One of the most important parts of any wedding album is the traditional formal family portraits. These images mean more to our newlyweds then most other photos. When is the next time you will get all of your loved ones together, dressed up, and in a fancy catering hall such as the Bourne Mansion with a professional wedding photographer?

We try to get as many groupings and combinations as possible. We talk to all of our couples prior to their wedding about what family group photos are important to them as well as could do without, thus insuring we are smart about our time management.