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Best Coindre Hall Wedding Photographer

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Best Coindre Hall Wedding Photographer

Coindre Hall is one of our favorite catering halls to photograph weddings. We have had the privlidge to work here dozens of times. One of the main reasons wedding photographers and videographers love Coindre Hall so much are its fantastic grounds.

As a professional wedding photographer that has photographed dozend of wedding at Coindre Hall, I can tell you first hand how awesome it feels to know that I can give my clients many different looks thanks to it's grounds.

One of my favorite locations to use are the exposed bricks on the side of the venue. This is a very distinctive look that you can't get at just any catering hall. The also have a beautiful spiral stair case that make for really beautiful and timeless wedding photos.

We at Lotus are unlike any other photography studio, we want to photograph your wedding, your way. We want to learn what you envisioned your wedding photos to look like and we will work hand in hand with you, to ensure not only meet but exceed your expections.

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