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Best Crest Hollow Country Club

Wedding Photographer

One of the reasons we are considered one of the best Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding Photographers is that we take the time to get to know our couples. Each and every wedding is totally unique and so should your wedding photos.

About a month or so prior to your wedding day, we will sit down with you and your fiancé and go over all of the days details. One of the biggest things we will go over you and your partners style. Do you prefer light and airy candid images or do you prefer more posed pictures. Most of our Bride & Grooms prefer a mix of traditional and artistic images. By getting to know you and your vision of what you want your album to look like, we can customize how we photograph your wedding based off of your preferred style.

Crest Hollow Country Club is located at 8325 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797. It has 24 acres with a variety of settings for a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Unique Wedding Photos taken at Crest Hollow Country Club

Crest Hollow has a slew of great features and amenities such as lush garden areas, a beach themed section, gazebo and lets not forget the iconic Crest Hollow pool. All of these locations are a crest hollow wedding photographers dream!

When we arrive on location the first thing we do is look for great light. By figuring out where the best light is, we then choose the perfect backdrop to give you the style of images you are looking for. This approach allows us to get unique wedding photos at Crest Hollow Country Club at each and every wedding.

I usually like to photograph the fun bridal party photos and traditional family portraits with a clean non distracting background. The reason for this is that is now draws the viewers attention to the main focus of the image which is your friends and family.

Creative Night time Wedding Photos at Crest Hollow Country Club

When we sit down with perspective clients and show them our gallery of images taken at Crest Hollow Country Club, one section of images stands out from the rest. That section is our creative night time wedding photos. I love how using Crest Hollows pool as a backdrop to create dramatic images for our couples and their families to cherish forever. They have a few fire pits that make great props and add a bit of flair to any wedding album.

Why we at Lotus Wedding Photography Love Photographing Weddings at Crest Hollow Country Club

What I personally love about photographing weddings at Crest Hollow Country Club is that everywhere you turn, I can create beautiful and unique images, quickly. Every wedding is totally unique, but 9 times out of 10, we are usually pressed for time.

One of the greatest features is that while the grounds are large, everything is close enough to get your images completed quickly. This is essential when you want to take fun bridal party photos, traditional family photos and beautiful couples portraits and still make it to your cocktail hour.

We are considered one of the Best Crest Hollow Wedding Photographers is because we are always trying to create beautiful and unique pictures that our newlyweds will cherish forever. We use everything at our disposal to bring a fresh perspective to your wedding gallery.

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