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Best Douglaston Manor 

Wedding Photographer

Best Douglaston Manor 

Wedding Photographer

One of the reasons Lotus is considered the best Douglaston Manor wedding photographer is because while we know the venue and grounds inside and out, we are always striving to create creative and modern wedding photos.  We love to create light and airy wedding photos at the Douglaston Manor, as well as modern and artistic wedding images too.  

The Douglaston Manor has everything you will need for your wedding reception.  Douglaston Manor provides a unique location for your wedding day.  The Douglaston Golf course provides the perfect backdrop for creating timeless, high quality wedding photographs that you and your family will cherish forever.

When we photographed this particular bride on her wedding day at the Douglaston Manor, we went over every aspect of her wedding day.  We talked about where we were going to photograph her getting ready photos, bridal party, family photos, couples portraits, but that was only the beginning.  We also spoke about the style in which she preferred.  Did they prefer to be posed or did they like the more candid look, did they want their wedding album to be bright, or dark & dramatic.  By learning all of these things prior to their wedding day, we were able to not only meet, but exceed all of their expectations.  That is why we, Lotus Weddings are considered the best Douglaston Manor wedding photographers. 

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