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East Winds Wedding Photography - Detail Photos
East Winds Catering Hall Wedding Photos - Bridal Shoes
East Winds Catering Wedding Photo - Engagement Ring
East Winds Wedding Photos - Wedding Dress
East Wind Catering Hall in Long Island - Bride Prep
East Winds Wedding Photographer - Bridal Bouquet
East Winds Wedding Photographer - Silly Bridesmaid
East Winds Wedding Photographer - Groom Prep
East Winds wedding photographer - Groom Prep with Mom
East Winds Wedding Photographer - Groom Getting Ready
East Winds Catering Hall Wedding Photographer
East Winds Catering Hall Wedding Photographer - Groom
East Winds Wedding Photographer - Fun Bridal Party
East Winds Wedding Photos - Bride Getting Ready
East Winds Wedding Photos - Wedding Gown
East Winds Catering Hall Wedding Photos - Bride & Mom

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Best East Winds Wedding Photographer

We have photographed dozens of weddings at East Winds Long Island Catering Hall. They have a great many locations to take all of your wedding photographs.

When we started this wedding day, we started photographing the brides details such as her engagement ring, shoes, wedding bands all of these little details help us tell the larger story. That is always our goal at Lotus, we want to tell your story through our wedding photographs. After we shoot the wedding day details we moved on the the brides getting ready section of the day. I personally like to use natural light, by using natural light, it allows me as your wedding photographer to create bright, light and airy wedding photos as well as creative and artistic images at East Winds.

First reveal wedding photos at East Winds

After speaking with the newlyweds we decided to do their first reveal in front of the Estate at East Winds. By doing this, it allowed us to stay close to their reception room, and still have full use of East Winds grounds. After some fun and silly bridal party photos, we photographed the traditional family photos in front of their waterfall fountain.

Bride and Groom Wedding Photos at The Estate at East Winds

Before the wedding day, we have all of our couples come into our studio and go over every detail of their wedding day. Such as when and where we will be photographing the bridal party photos, which combinations they want for family photos, as well as what is their particular style. By going through all of this prior to the wedding we can get a feel for what they would like their couples portraits to look like. One of the things we talked about with our Bride and Groom was that they loved East Winds Gazebo. While many wedding photographers use this Gazebo, I wanted to give them a fresh and artistic take on this classic Estate at East Winds wedding photo. One of the reasons Lotus is considered the Best Estate at East Winds Wedding Photographer is that we can capture our couples emotions in each image.