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Flowerfields Wedding Photographer

We have photographed many weddings at Flowerfields Catering Hall. From the moment you enter their grand entrance, you immediately feel like you are not just another bride and groom, you feel like you are family. When we start our wedding photos, we like to start to photograph from the front of the venue to the back.

When you think, front of Flowerfields Catering Hall in St. James, most people think, the entrance. Not us, we like to start your photo session in almost the drive way, where the sign for Flower Fields is. Why may ask why? Well because the venue is so large, you can shoot the same location over and over from different vantage points and get totally different wedding images. They have a nice paved tree lined walk way that makes for great walking photos, where you are not sinking into the grass. I love this type of wedding photo because it is more natural and give a nice candid look. I then to walk under the large trees, near the fountain. The reason for this is, there are not many times you can get totally engulfed in the foliage and the tree line in the right conditions make for really magical wedding photos.

As you make your way towards the actual entrance of Flower Fields Catering Hall, on the left hand side, they have a gazebo. This can sometimes make for interesting photos. However, I typically steer clear of this because 90% of the wedding photographers that shoot at this venue do a good portion of their family photos and fun bridal party photos here. When you hire my studio, I want to give you something that is different and better then the typical wedding photographer studio. I want to give you beautiful, different and unique wedding photos. I love their interesting seating area in the front, they have cool couches and mirrors that can make for some cool photos of the newlyweds.

Indoor Wedding Photos at Flowerfields Catering Hall in St. James NY

When I can, I always like to use the unique green house esk interior of Flowerfields. The pond and bridge make a delightful backdrop for any traditional formal family photo shoot. If I have enough time in the day, I like to try to use the reflection of the pond to get a creative photo or two of the bride & groom.

The interior also makes for a great ceremony space in case of bad weather conditions. That is a feature that most Long Island venues do not have. We have photographed countless weddings here with great success.

Outdoor Wedding Images at Flower Fields

As we make our way to the actual grounds of this beautiful venue, we now have a splendid view of a pond with a fountain, a bridge leading to a delightful outdoor ceremony space, and if you travel on the side of the venue, a beautiful little vineyard space with a nice open area.

Whenever I get the chance, I love to do my fun bridal party photos outdoors near the pond. It makes for great landscape photos, as well as interesting portrait shots. I love capturing the bridal party being silly, having a good time and just enjoying being together on this joyous day. Many photographers over look the power of the bridal party. Being a fun Long Island Wedding Photographer, we love capturing what it was really like to be at your wedding. Silly moments, candid photos are the heart and soul of a wedding day.

This venue really does have it all. From open areas to an indoor ceremony space that is to die for, what else could you really ask for?


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Nestled among the lush majestic gardens of a private estate, Flowerfield, one of Apogee Event/Lovin’ Oven exclusive properties is a hidden gem located on the prestigious North Shore. From the moment you drive through the gates and make your approach up the winding driveway, you are enchanted by an impressive landscape of fruit orchards, manicured gardens, green vineyards, beautiful reflecting ponds and splashing water fountains. A feeling of elegance and sophistication will accompany you from the moment you arrive.

Whether you stand at the grand ballroom, the exotic glass-enclosed greenhouse or outdoors by the gazebo, Flowerfield’s distinctive qualities provide you with an atmosphere of grandeur and elegance. Guests are welcome to stroll the lush gardens, enjoy a cocktail or an after dinner espresso on the terrace, or visit the colorful vineyards. Our large greenhouse atrium filled with exotic plants and trees, offers a unique backdrop for a casual cocktail reception or an elegant sit down dinner for up to 350 guests. The sweeping green lawns provide additional space for guests to mingle or play a game of croquet.

As one of the top wedding venues on Long Island, known for its impeccable service and fine gourmet cuisine, you and your guests are treated with the highest level of personal attention and service. Flowerfield hosts one occasion at the time, thereby ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Our talented Executive Chef treats our guests to fine gourmet cuisine and works with each client to customize a distinctive menu for the affair. Our experienced planning team also works closely with each client to design an unforgettable affair that is exclusively yours – truly making it the best day of your life!" - Flower Fields Website

For more info, go to www.flowerfield.com