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We have photographed many weddings at Giorgio's Catering Hall in Batting Hollow NY. It is located at 100 Fox Hill Dr, Baiting Hollow, NY 11933

There are so many incredible things to say about Giorgio's Bating Hollow Catering Hall.

- It hosts one wedding at a time.

This is a huge feature to have in any catering hall. This allows us to use all of their grounds whenever we like to create unique images at each and every wedding.

- Giorgio's redesigned and upgraded Bridal Suite

When we sit down with our couples, the first thing they always say is, "photos are the most important thing to me". Everyone wants incredible images that they can show their family and friends for years to come. Some of the most important images of the day are the detail photos and getting ready images and Giorgio's new redesigned bridal suite is the perfect place for you and your bridesmaids to get ready on your wedding day. It has huge windows with tons of available light that allows us to get those light and airy wedding photos you have always dreamed of.

- Giorgio's has multiple off-site locations to take photos.

How amazing is this, they has a private bus that will take you & your partner, your bridal party and your family to two off-site locations.

Location 1 - The Windmill

The windmill is the perfect location for your first reveal or fun bridal party photos. It is 5 minutes from the venue itself which is great for time management and has everything from wide open spaces to tall grass that allows us to adjust our photography style to create beautiful posed couples portraits of our couples or fun and silly bridal party photos. The windmill is the perfect backdrop to create romantic photos of our Brides & Grooms.

Location 2 - The Beach

Just another quick 5 minute drive, the beach gives you tons of diversity in your wedding album. I have photographed just the newlyweds here as well as full bridal party photos including the Bride and her bridesmaids and the Groom and his groomsmen.

With all of these great off-site locations, we have not yet talked about the grounds of Giorgio's itself.

Unique Wedding Photos at Giorgio's Baiting Hollow

Aside from their bridal suite, there are many locations where we love to create unique wedding photos of our couples. The grand staircase in the main lobby is a great location to photograph the Bride alone or traditional family portraits.

When you are outside of Giorgio's, we can use their bridge to create some romantic pictures of the Bride & Groom or use either of their two outdoor ceremony spaces to create images that you and your fiancé will cherish forever.

This venue really does have everything you are going to want in a catering hall. Beautiful indoor and outdoor locations, two off-site photo locations, fantastic food, amazing service and the staff here is second to none.