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Best Leonard's Palazzo

Wedding Photographer

When we start our wedding day at Leonard's Palazzo, I like to start our photo session in the front of the venue, and work our way around to the back garden area. This gives us the best possible chance to use the outdoor area of Leonard's Palazzo the venue to give you a different perspective.

Out door wedding photos at Leonard's Palazzo

Depending on where the light is falling, I love to start our bride and groom portrait session by Leonard's large fountain. You can get a number of creative and different shots, by shooting through the water droplets with a telephoto lens or using a wide angle lens and using off camera flash for a more dramatic look. I also love using the columns of the front of Leonards. When using the right lens in the right angle, with the right pose, it really is a great shot. Every time I photograph a wedding at Leonards I always try to shoot here, this photo almost always makes it to the bride and grooms main wedding album. After we are done with the front of the venue, I like to walk on the left side of the building. They have really nice stairs with green grass and foliage that can make for unique and different wedding images. People always look at us funny when we are shooting, we use various locations different then the typical wedding photographer, which makes our wedding photos stand out.

I remember shooting an Indian wedding here in 2015, we were walking around the front of the venue shooting here and there, using the fountain and the columns and whatnot when the light shifted through the clouds and made a beam of light in the parking lot. I took the couple in the parking lot, cars all around us and did a quick photo or two there. The look on the bridal attendants face was priceless! After we shot here we moved on the rest of the wedding day. Long story short, I posted the photos on Facebook after and Leonards contacted me and asked if they could use it for their own Facebook page. You never know where you are going to find the right spot to shoot or more importantly the right light to use. That is why our photos look different and unique.

When we are outside, there is no telling where we will photograph. The light controls where we shoot and do not shoot. However, when we are inside, all best are off! When we are inside, we can control exactly where we want to photograph. I love using a nice wide angle lens with off camera flash near one of their beautiful chandeliers. It makes for a very dramatic and artistic wedding photo.

If you are looking for a wedding that has not only beautiful interior as well as exterior, look no further. Leonards Palazzo has it all.

We have photographed dozens of weddings at Leonards Palazzo over the years. They have some of the most chic lobbies in all of Long Island, which makes for very dramatic wedding photos. I love photographing our amazing brides and grooms under one of their stunning chandeliers. It really makes for creative and different wedding photos. They just redesigned their outside area which will now make for a totally different look then the inside, its lush and green and full of life. Which will now allow for your wedding album to have a variety of styles of photography. What I think makes us one of the best long island wedding photography studios is that we are always looking to take your wedding photos to the next level. We are always looking to photograph your wedding in many different styles. From light and airy, to different and dramatic wedding photos of our newlyweds. We don't want to give you just one look, we want to give you many looks and of course, we shoot tons of candid wedding photos throughout the course of your wedding day.

Step Into A World of Enchantment

Leonard’s Palazzo represents the absolute peak in opulence and luxury. Located on Long Island’s fabled North Shore, it is a triumph of dazzling Old World architecture and exhilarating New World innovations and delights.

Wherever you chance to go, magic is in the air. From the timeless elegance of imported Bavarian cut original crystal chandeliers … to hand painted 17th century themed murals … to spectacular ballrooms straight out of the beloved fairy tales of your childhood.

You can’t help but marvel at our deeply romantic bridal gardens, our glorious patios, our captivating arbors, and our adorable trumpet vine covered trellises. Leonard’s Palazzo is so drenched in atmosphere that it has served as a location background for films from such studios as 20th Century Fox and HBO.

Superb cuisine and impeccable service in an incredible atmosphere makes Leonard’s Palazzo the ideal spot for your event. We welcome you to be part of the Leonard’s tradition.

For more info go to, http://www.leonardspalazzo.com/