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BEST Mansion at Oyster Bay

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The Mansion at Oyster Bay is a beautiful one of a kind catering hall that has everything a bride-to-be could ask for. They are located at 1 S Woods Rd, Woodbury, NY 11797.

We have had the privilege to photograph many happy newlyweds wedding at this premier Long Island catering hall.

The Mansion at Oyster Bay sits on 120 acres, it has a slew of amenities such as, it can comfortable seat 500 guests for your reception, it has a beautiful private on-site bridal suite, terrace, valet parking, coat check, in-house party planner, outdoor cocktail area, outdoor reception room, but most importantly it is one wedding a day.

What does one wedding a day mean to you? It means we can use every inch of their 120 acres at any time to create beautiful wedding photos that you and your husband or wife will cherish forever.

Creative Wedding Photos at The Mansion at Oyster Bay

When we are hired to photograph we couples wedding they usually opt to hire a second photographer along with their main photographer. However when we photograph weddings at the Mansion at Oyster Bay you may not need a second photographer. Why you may ask? Because this venue has a stunning bridal suite as well as many locations to photograph the Grooms getting ready photos as well.

We started this wedding off a little differently than usual, we started with the Groom. We took the groom-to-be and his best man upstairs and took some candid getting ready images. The best man helped the Groom with this tux, fixed his watch and cufflinks and then we took come creative portraits of the Groom alone.

After these photos were completed, we went to the beautiful bridal suite to capture the Brides getting ready and detail photos. I took a lot of care when photographing the bride-to-be's engagement ring, wedding dress, wedding bands, bridal bouquet and jewelry. These small details help tell the couples story when designing their wedding album. I love the candid images of the mother of the bride helping her get ready on the biggest day of her life.

We then moved on to the couples first look. After speaking with the bride and groom prior to their wedding day, they were admit about making to their cocktail hour, so they decided to to a first look to ensure all of their must have photos were completed prior to the ceremony.

Each wedding just like our couples are totally unique, the weather, the light, the time of year all play a huge role in how we photograph your wedding. After looking around while the bride we getting in her dress, we decided the best location for their first reveal would be to use the Mansion at Oyster Bays patio area in the rear of the venue. This location had the perfect light and splendid background to create light and airy candid first reveal photos.

I then photographed some formal bridal party photos, because you have to take a photo with the bride and each one of her bridesmaids looking at the camera that is a wedding 101 photo to take. But after that, we got the bridesmaids and the groomsmen laughing and it made for really awesome candid pictures.

Once the first reveal, bridal party and family photos were completed, I wanted to take some time with the Bride and Groom and take some really creative and beautiful photos of just them together.

Every time I pull into The Mansion at Oyster Bay's parking lot, I am in awe of just how beautiful the venue is. So I took the couple to the front of the venue and got them to interact and play and laugh, we used the brides veil for many veil shots, and had them walk up and down the pathway to the venue. This allowed us to not only take creative portraits of the couple but some really great candid moments as well.

When you choose Lotus Weddings to photograph the biggest day of our life, you are investing in yourself and your wedding day. We truly love what we do and we try so hard to give you not only the style of images you have always envisioned but the experience you are looking for as well. If you like what you see and have read, reach out to us to check our pricing and availability. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and talk about how we can help create you a wedding album that you will love for the rest of your lives.