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BEST Mansion at Oysterbay

Wedding Photographer

We have photographed dozens of wedding at the Mansion at Oysterbay. They have so many beautiful locations that creating artistic and candid wedding photos at this venue becomes second nature.

When you go speak with other Long Island Catering Halls, they tell you you can use all of the grounds to create beautiful wedding photographs, and then the day of your wedding you come to find out they have booked a second or third wedding. Now you are confined to a particular section of your venue and cannot use the entire grounds like they promised. The Mansion at Oysterbay is not that kind of Long Catering hall. They are a one wedding at a time venue. That means we can take you any where you want to go to creative visually stunning, creative and candid wedding photography all day long. They have tons of greenery that make for breathtaking candid wedding images.

When you book Lotus Weddings for your wedding photography and videography, you get skilled and seasoned wedding photographer and videographer that know exactly what they are doing.

We will sit down with you and go over every detail of your wedding day, from where we still start with the bride or groom for the candid getting ready portion of the day. To when and where we will be doing our traditional family photos.

We will even talk to you about the style in which we will photograph your wedding day. Do you like light and airy wedding photos or do you like more artistic and dramatic wedding photos. When you sit with us, we want to find out about your likes and dislikes so we can customize our shooting style to fit your wants and needs.