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Best Metropolitan Wedding Photographer

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Best Metropolitan Wedding Photographer

We have photographed dozens of weddings at the Metropolitan Caterers in Glen Cove. The Metropolitan is located at 3 Pratt Blvd, Glen Cove, NY 11542 what this venue lacks in grounds, it makes up for in every other aspect. The food here is incredible, the reception room is large and modern, which makes for beautiful first dances & parent dances. One of my favorite images to capture is our bride and grooms first dance from the Balcony. The high vantage point makes for a really unique photo you can't get at many other catering halls.

While each wedding day has certain similarities, such as getting ready photos of the bride and groom, traditional family photos, creative and modern portraits of the bride and groom, first dance, entrances, parent dances etc, each wedding is also totally unique. We at Lotus strive to create new and fresh wedding images that are not your typical wedding photos. We try to capture what it was really like to be at your wedding and most importantly we want to capture who you are as a couple. We love posed and stylized wedding photos, but the heart and soul in any wedding album are the candid images that capture your heart. That is why Lotus is considered the best Metropolitan Caterers wedding Photographer.

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