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Oceanbleu Catering

Wedding Photographer

When you talk about beautiful Long Island Catering Halls, Oceanbleu Catering has to be top 5 in all of Long Island. They have a stunning grand ballroom that is simply perfect for creating unique and photojournalistic wedding photos of your first dance, father and daughter dances as well as mother and son parent dances.

I would be remiss if I did not touch on Oceanbleu's beautiful beach. This is the perfect location for creating unique and creative wedding photos of our beautiful brides and grooms.

We started this wedding day with the bride, she got ready in Oceanbleu's bridal suite. First we started off taking photos of the brides details. As Long Island's BEST wedding photographers, we love taking different and creative images of the details of the day. Such as the wedding dress, engagement rings, wedding bands, as well as any family heirlooms.

After photographing the brides details as creatively as possible, we set up the First Reveal.

We choose to do the first reveal in Oceanbleu's cocktail hour space. We did this well before the cocktail hour was supposed to start so it was empty and the tent was just perfect for blocking out the sun and made this space ideal to create candid wedding photos of the first reveal.