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The Best Riviera at Massapequa

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Every time we photograph a wedding at The Riviera at Massapequa we get excited. We know that this venue has everything a professional wedding photographer is going to need to create beautiful images for our Brides and Grooms. The Riviera at Massapequa is located at 200 E Shore Dr, Massapequa, NY 11758

The Riviera has so many great locations and accommodations that our newlyweds adore such as, a stunning waterfront view which is the perfect backdrop for traditional family portraits or fun bridal party images.

Their newly renovated private bridal suite which overlooks your main ball room. This is our goto place to photographing your first dance or parent dance. The high angle allows us to capture not only the Bride and Groom but your guests and family as well. The Riviera's bridal suite also has a balcony that is perfect for a few creative couples portraits.

The Riviera's main ball room also doubles as an indoor ceremony space. The brick walls and stone fireplace make for a warm and romantic backdrop for whatever you choose to photograph in this space.

Wedding Photos at the Riviera at Massapequa

When we start photographing a wedding, we typically like to start with the Brides details, such as her dress, engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal bouquet as well as her invitation. These images really help set the stage when we are designing their album or parent albums.

After the we have completed photographing this Brides details, we moved on to some getting ready photos. Most people believe these images are candid and just happen, which they do, but in order to show our couples in the best light possible, most of these are lightly posed. It usually takes about 10 minutes to capture these wedding pictures and then we move on to a few portraits of the Bride alone in her wedding dress. I personally like to take a more candid and natural approach to these types of images.

On this summer wedding day, the couples ceremony and reception were both at The Riviera so they opted to do a first look.

We set up the Groom where is back was to the Bride and had her walk up to him and tap the Groom-to-be on his shoulder. He turned around and saw his beautiful Bride to be for the first time in her wedding dress. These are fantastic candid images to capture the raw emotion of the Grooms face and reaction.

Fun Bridal Party Photos at The Riviera at Massapequa

After showing a couple our gallery of images from the Riviera at Massapequa the first thing they say is how amazing the bridal party photos are. The reason for this is, everyone looks relaxed and like they actually enjoyed themselves. Our goal as Long Island wedding photographers is to make you, your bridal party and families look and feel as comfortable and natural as possible.

I like to photograph the Bride and her bridesmaids individually then as a group. First I capture a traditional portrait of them looking at the camera and then I like to have a little more fun and show off their personalities. I do the same for the Groom and his groomsmen. After these fun bridal party photos are completed I do a few group shots of the entire bridal party and then we more on to traditional family photos.

Family Photos at The Riviera at Massapequa

Many newlyweds think that family photos have to be posed and take a ton of time, we don't believe that. Prior to your wedding day, we will sit down with you and go over all of the groupings that are important to you. By doing this, we will have a detailed list of all of the family members that we will be photographing the day of your wedding and thus allowing us to capture all of your family photos quickly so you can get to your cocktail hour. Yes, we do take many traditional family photos where everyone including the mother of the bride and father of the bride are looking at the camera. But we also like to have fun and get you and your family laughing and having a great time, more often then not, these are the images that our couples and their families use in their wedding album and parent albums.

Romantic Images of Brides & Grooms on their wedding day at The Riviera at Massapequa

Nothing brings us more joy than to create beautiful photos of our Brides and their Grooms at the Riviera. We use the stone walkways for great candid images, as well as their stone gazebo for some creative photos of our couples. We want to show off your wedding dress, the venue and your personalities in our wedding photos.

I like to have the couple use the paved area to do nice candid walking shots, where the couple looks and talks to each other, laughing and being silly. This makes for great shots of them in a more candid fashion. I love the little looks the bride gives to her husband as the walk, trying to get him to relax and forget the camera is on them. This is a secret most people do not know, the first 5 minutes of any photos shoot, totally suck. You might feel weird or awkward. But, by the end you will feel much more relaxed, confident and the photos are going to show that. After we use the back of the venue, I like to walk to the front, trying to stop in the main ballroom by the windows for a shot or two. I love the white walls and the exposed bride the Riviera at Massapequa's reception room. They make for really dramatic and interesting wedding photos. Once we have photographed the bride and groom inside the room and in the back of the venue, I like to move to the side of the venue, they have a nice little garden area that makes for really pretty wedding photos.

There are so many places to use when photographing a couple at The Riviera at Massapequa.

Being a Top Long Island Wedding Photography Studio, we have shot at the beautiful Rivieria of Massapequa catering hall many times. We love how they only host one wedding at a time which really makes a difference in the experience.

Because of this, we are able to roam their grounds freely and photograph wherever we like. One of my favorite places to photograph our newlyweds is in their ballroom. It has two beautiful fireplaces and a stunning chandelier that can make for really dramatic and unique wedding pictures.

Of course we love taking tons of candid photos throughout your wedding day also, we really feel that these images are the heart and soul of your wedding album. I think thats one of the reasons that makes us one of Long Island's best wedding photography studios. We care about your wedding photos. We want you to look back and say wow, they were able to capture a wide range of styles, from creative detail photos to traditional family photos, to fun bridal party photos and of course tons of candids. The Riviera at Massapequa is an incredible choice for your wedding day.

The Riviera At Massapequa Is A Hidden Gem
On The Great South Bay.

A Magnificent Family Owned And Operated Banquet Facility For Three Generations Spanning Over 85 Years Of Excellence In Service. Established In 1926, The Riviera Is Truly A Landmark Facility.

Conveniently Located In The Heart Of Nassau Shores In Massapequa NY, The Riviera Is The Perfect Location For Your Perfect Event. Come Visit The Best Kept Secret On Long Island. Please Enjoy Our Informative Website!

History & Overview of the Riviera at Massapequa

Built in 1926, The Riviera At Massapequa or better known in the 20's as The Peninsula Golf and Country Club was the original clubhouse for their golf club members. In 1946 The Karras family purchased the club house and kept the gracious style and charming feel of the establishment offering simple and elegant affairs. As the Long Island population continued to grow and weddings became events, The Karras family has made many updates, additions and changes to The Riviera in the past 20 years, always keeping that same charm and beauty of the original establishment.
In 1994 a 2 million dollar renovation was made to The Riviera. A new lobby, renovated cocktail hour room, new upstairs bridal suite with balcony, updated landscaping, inside ballroom renovation and all new bulk heads were completed. In 2005 another 1.5 million dollar renovation was made with a new spacious cocktail hour room with extended lobby area, new curb appeal with brick pavers, lush gardens with waterfalls, Gazebo and much more.
In 2011, The Karras Family purchased a commercial generator that would sustain full power to its entire establishment regardless of weather conditions. This insures their most important clients and the continuation success of each event. In 2012, while super storm Sandy caused much damage in the general area, The Riviera continued all of its events without interruption, making sure power, service and customer satisfaction was their number one priorities. In 2013 more renovations have been made to The Riviera's outside grounds. With new bulk heading, ceremony grounds, waterfalls, railings, plus much more The Riviera is always striving for their quest for perfection to their venue.
Entering their fourth generation in the catering industry, The Karras family continues their tradition of excellence in service and quality for all their clients to enjoy. They spare no expense on their food, service and surroundings. By planning a stress free harmonious event, the Karras family and The Riviera's goals are to exceed their clients expectations.

Check out a slideshow we have created for one of our couples who recently got married at The Riviera at Massapequa