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AWARD-WINNING Wedding Photography at Russo's On The Bay

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Russo's On The Bay is a beautiful catering hall located at 162-45 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414

Russo's On The Bay is conveniently located in the heart of Howard Beach. It has a specifically designed room for every bride style.

Russo's Room List:

- The Encore

- The Paragon

- Rose Lounge

- The Promenade

When we started photographing this couples wedding, we started with her engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding dress, bridal bouquet, and of course the bride-to-be getting her hair and makeup applied.

After that we moved on to her church ceremony. At this point in her wedding we are not "wedding photographers" we are photojournalists. We are there to capture as many candid photos as possible. Such as the couples ring exchange, vows & first kiss. All of these moments add up to tell the newlyweds story.

Once the ceremony is finished and they are officially husband and wife, we wanted to create some dramatic and artistic images of the Bride & Groom at the church, we used her vail to create leading lines that lead to the couple.

Once we arrived at Russo's On The Bay, we went to their grand ballroom to take some fun bridal party images as well as all of the rooms details photographed. Some of these images include the wedding cake, centerpieces, and card box.

We grabbed some candid photos of the couples guests at Russo's On The Bay's cocktail hour and then set up for the reception.

They choose to have two photographers, one to photograph the Bride and one to capture the Groom's getting ready images. While we like posed images of our couples I prefer a more candid approach when documenting our couples wedding day. The reason for this is because the more photojournalistic the image, the more you are connected with that moment.

A wedding album should have a nice mix of traditional family portraits, fun bridal party images, artistic photos of our brides and grooms and many candid images. Some images are just to document the day, like pictures of the couples wedding invitation or save the date card, but nothing is more awe inspiring then the father of the bride crying as he watches his baby girl marry the man of her dreams.

Images like that last the test of time and are truly timeless works of art.