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Sands at Lido Beach Wedding Photographer

Being the best Long Island Wedding Photographer, we photograph dozens of weddings at Sands at Lido Beach. They have so many beautiful locations to create beautiful and unique wedding images that it really makes the prefect venue to host your wedding reception.

We started this summer wedding day just like any other, with the bride. We always start photographing the brides details, such as her engagement ring, wedding bands, wedding dress and any other details that are important to tell the story of her wedding day. We then moved on to take a couple of classic and beautiful bridal portraits of her before she got into her wedding dress. After the getting ready section of her day was finished, we left and went to the First reveal location.

I love first reveals for so many reasons. They allow us to take our time throughout your wedding day and have fun. We stopped at a nearby beach to and we were able to capture some really creative portraits of her and her fiancé here.

I love using the veil, and sky to create dramatic wedding photos. We had them running in the sand and really enjoying their wedding portrait session. The photos we were able to capture were a mixture of fun, creative, dramatic and they had a great time taking them.