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The Best Somerley at Fox Hollow

Wedding Photographer

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The Best Somerley at Fox Hollow

Wedding Photographer

I have shot at almost every Long Island catering hall. I absolutely LOVE shooting at Fox Hollow. We have photographed almost 60 incredible weddings here in the past 2 years alone. They have amazing grounds that really all us to create beautiful and creative wedding photographs.

A few of our favorite Locations to shoot at Fox Hollow are the beautiful Gardens, with the stone walk way. We love to have our couples walk down the path, laughing and joking with one another. It makes for beautiful candid wedding photos.
Candid images are some of the best photos of your day. They almost always make it into the wedding album. Can you blame them? I love looking at a photo filled with emotion, such the father of the bride shedding a tear as he watches his little angle marrying the man of her dreams. Or when you are doing a first look and you see the grooms face light up as he turns around and sees his beautiful bride for the first time. That is why I love wedding photography, and what I became a Long Island Wedding Photographer.

Another great location at Fox Hollow Catering is the front of the building. They have beautiful gates that make for some incredible wedding photos. I love posing a bride in groom in front of the gate and getting these great images of blurred out lights that just make for really interesting and different wedding photos.They also have a two beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces. If you are getting married in the Somerley room at Fox Hollow, you get use the ceremony space right outside of the entrance, which is oddly located in the back of the venue. It overlooks a beautiful brick wall, which when photographing the bride and groom from the center of the isle is a beautiful wedding photo. It is also nice that the bridal suite for the Somerley Bride has a stairway and balcony that leads into the ceremony space. I love to take full advantage of that and go up there to get a wide angle shot of the entire ceremony space from above. As creative Long Island Wedding photographers we are always looking to tell the story of your wedding day. We do that by doing the best we can to get as many angles to tell the best possible story we can. When you walk along the side of Fox Hollow, there is a really nice open area, with a brick staircase that I we have used time and time again to create creative wedding photos. I love to use this area on a nice summer day to shoot traditional family photos. Or when given the right amount of time, we can also do fun and silly bridal party photos here as well.

If you walk to the back of Fox Hollow, this is where they do the out door ceremonies for the Garden Terrace brides. This is also a great place to take unique and interesting wedding photos at Fox Hollow Caterers. When photographing a wedding in the Garden Terrace Room, this is one of my favorite places to do night time wedding photos. They have a little waterfall that I like to place couples by and use off camera flash to really separate the newlyweds from the background. It really makes the photo pop and it adds a little something that really makes for beautiful photos.
So far we have only talked about the outside of this beautiful Long Island venue. Lets talk about the inside of this beautiful venue. When you walk into the entrance of the Somerley at Fox Hollow, you walk into a grand waiting area, with beautiful glass mirrors and nice pinterest esk furniture. When we have less than perfect weather, we do our traditional family formal photos here. As well as as many silly and fun bridal party photos also.

"Welcome to THE SOMERLEY

Intimately Pristine Long Island Wedding & Banquet HallDiscover the art of celebration and experience The Somerley where your wedding becomes a thrilling new memory of its own. Everything you can imagine for your wedding day is found within four private levels of The Somerley which is exclusive to your event. Exquisite décor combined with the finest amenities set the stage for everything remarkable to come.

The Somerley features a private entrance, intimate bridal suite, spacious cocktail hour lounge and a breathtaking ballroom which is a masterpiece in and of it self. Indulge in a culinary experience of celebratory plates and impeccably crafted cuisine that is sure to excite your guests.Our All-Suites Luxury HotelEmbraced by 8 scenic acres, our picturesque estate also houses The Inn at Fox Hollow, an all-suite luxury boutique hotel for you and all your guests.

Italian Fine Dining at Volpe Ristorante

Fox Hollow Estate is also home to the freshly redesigned Volpe Ristorante which features a carefully crafted menu from the Scotto Brothers. The ideal location to start & extend your celebration, Volpe Ristorante is available for private dining events."

- Fox Hollow Website

For more info go to www.thefoxhollow.com