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The Best Vineyards Wedding Photographer

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The Best Vineyards Wedding Photographer

What can I say about The Vineyards Caterers that you can't see for yourself in these beautiful wedding photos. They have one of a kind grounds that have everything from of course a large vineyard, to a beautiful gazebo and a stunning walk way. With all of these features it makes for a photographers dream catering hall to creative unique and creative wedding photographs.

One of the things that stood out to me when we photographed this brides wedding was how amazing the grounds at The Vineyards were in every direction you looked. We photographed the fun bridal party photos right on the paved walkway in the garden area. We used the tall trees as the backdrop and I really think the simplicity of the backdrop makes the fun bridesmaids and groomsmen photos look that much better.

We decided to photography the traditional family photos inside of the Vineyards because it was over 90 degrees. The uplighting in the main ballroom played a big factor in choosing the location of these wedding images. We then went back outside to photograph the newlyweds together. I wanted to make sure I made full use out of the Vineyards massive grounds. After all that is one of the major deciding factors when the couple choose when booking this Long Island Catering hall. We used the side of the vineyards for some dramatic landscape wedding photos. Then we walked and used in inside of the vineyard for some candid and creative images. Overall it was a great shoot and I can't wait to go back again.