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The BEST Watermill Wedding Photographer

Watermill Caterers is one of the best venues in Long Island. They have newly redesigned rooms that make for creative and different wedding photographs. Their ceremony room is beautiful and photographs incredibly, not to mention the cocktail hour is one of the best Long Island has to offer. They have a BACON BAR!!! The fat kid in me is already hungry :-)

We have photographed many weddings at Water Mill caterers, it is located at 711 Smithtown Bypass, Smithtown, NY 11787.

When being asked to photograph a wedding at Watermill, the first thing that comes to mind is the lush grounds that provide the perfect backdrop for any situation, whether it be traditional family photos or creative and dramatic wedding photos of the newlyweds, Watermill has you covered. I am not typically a fan of gazebos but the beautiful and detailed gazebo at the Watermill is a great addition to any wedding album.

Watermill Caterers is not a one wedding at a time venue, where we start the photography session really depends on what else they have going on at the time and where the maitre d will allow us to shoot. We typically ask to start in the back of the venue. They have beautiful garden area which is perfect for traditional, formal family photos as well as silly and quirky bridal party photos.

If you turn to the right of the garden area, they have a great gazebo. We can do some fun bridal party photos there, but I usually tend to leave the gazebo alone until the bride and grooms portrait shoot. When photographing the family photos and bridal party photos, I typically like to stay in the same general area. I like to keep the backgrounds as similar as I can for album design purposes. Plus to move 40 + people from one location to another is a HUGH time suck and it would mean the difference in a wedding day from getting 10 - 15 different photos with the newlyweds to getting 5 photos.

Each wedding day poses unique challenges. Most times, time itself is the real challenge. There is only so much time in each wedding day, so we really try to make the most out of each and every hour we have with you.

I like to utilize as much of the grounds as possible. It is much easier to move around Watermill Caterers grounds with 4 people instead of 40. When starting to photograph my couples, I like to start at the back of the venue in the garden area and then work my way to the front. They have two nice bridges, I know what you are thinking, bridges? Really? Aren't they super traditional? Yes! Absolutely! But, if photographed in the right way, with the right light, they can look really pretty and make for very artistic wedding photos.

I also like the paved pathway on the side of the venue. I love to have my couples walk hand in hand talking to each other, making jokes, laughing and having a good time. It makes for really beautiful candid wedding photos. Then we move to the front of the venue, they have a nice entrance way that we use to create a more modern image.

After your wedding, I want you to look through your album and say wow, we really did get a lot of range. We got interesting detail photos, creative and candid getting ready and bride prep photos. As well as traditional family photos and fun, silly and unique bridal party photos. Then when it comes to photos of you and your husband or wife, I want you to say wow, we received candid images, creative images, traditional photos, and even dramatic and creative posed photos.