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Westbury Country Club Wedding Photographer

When I first shot at Westbury Country Club, I was floored. To be honest, I thought the bride was getting married at Westbury Manor and got confused. But when I was driving down the long drive way of Westbury Country Club and was elated to see what kind of epic grounds they had to offer.

We started the day off with the brides getting ready and detail photos. Creating creative and unique detail wedding photos of the brides wedding dress, bridal bouquet, engagement ring and wedding bands are one of my favorite parts of any wedding day. This part of the day we are able to get as creative as our imagination allows us. After these images are taken we then move on to the getting ready section of the day. These images are typically candid wedding photos that help tell the story of the wedding day.

The ceremony was the next big event. This part of the day, we turn into photojournalists. Making ourselves as small as possible, trying to capture candid moments between guests and our couples. We want to capture people acting like themselves and not have them looking at the camera posing for a photo.