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Willow Creek Country Club

Wedding Photographer

One of the things that makes Willow Creek Country Club the ideal place to host your wedding reception is the incredible grounds. They have huge open spaces that allow us to create dramatic and unique wedding photographs. One of the things that makes being a professional Long Island wedding photographer so worth it, is seeing our newlyweds faces as they open their wedding album for the first time. It is as if they are reliving there wedding day all over again.

When we arrived at Willow Creek Country Club one of the first things we did was look around for the perfect spot for the First Reveal. We thought the stairs by the garden area would do nicely. It was the perfect vantage point for us to get not only the grooms reaction but the brides reaction as well. We then went down stairs and hopped in a golf cart the people of Willow Creek Country Club so graciously gave to us. We were able to zip around a good portion of the grounds, where we were able to take really beautiful photos of our bride and groom. I always strive to create multiple looks throughout the wedding day. From dramatic to candid wedding photography, we have you covered.