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Windows on the Lake Wedding Photographer

Windows on a the lake is a beautiful Long Island catering hall. It has a huge grand ball room that can host up to 200 guests. Which makes for a great backdrop for beautiful candid first dance wedding photographs.

One of the best features of Windows on the Lake is the view of the lake. The sunset over the lake could be one of our favorite locations for our traditional family photos as well as our creative and different wedding photos of our bride & grooms. This is also where they host their outdoor ceremonies.

The wedding you are currently looking at has was a summer wedding. It we started with the bride at her hotel room for the getting ready section of the day. We took creative photographs of her details such as her wedding dress, wedding bands, engagement ring, bridal bouquet and of course wedding shoes.

We then moved on to a church where they had a full mass for their wedding ceremony. At this point of the day, we try to take as many candid wedding photos as possible.

After the ceremony, we went straight to Windows on the Lake because the sun was setting and wanted to make sure we were able to capture as many creative couples portraits of our bride and grooms as possible.

Once we had a good amount of photos of the newlyweds, we moved on to the fun and crazy bridal party photos. Of course we always get a few traditional bridal party photos but we always want to make sure we showcase the real relationships that our couples have with their friends. We want you to be who you are. We want to photograph you in a way that shows your relationships.