Wedding Photos at Willow Creek Country Club

Wedding Photos at Willow Creek Country Club

Wedding photos at Willow Creek Country Club:

In this fun bridal party photo, the bride and her bridal party are having a great time on this golf cart at Willow Creek Country Club.

The high vibes and fun spirited attitude of these ladies make photography fun! I had an awesome time shooting this momentous event. There were tears of joy, loads of laughter, jokes, sentimental and romantic moments all wrapped together in this day of total celebration.

Fun Bridal Party Wedding Photo

This bridal party is full of energy and loaded with personality! Fun memories are being made here today as the bride takes the wheel of this golf cart at amazing Willow Creek Country Club. All the brides maids and maid of honor hold out their bridal bouquets in playfulness. The bridesmaids dresses are elegantly displayed as they get a lift from the bride to meet the groom to say her vows and become His wife.

The greenery in the background of Willow Creek Country Club amidst the stone and white fencing provides a nice contrast which gives this wedding photo a modern appeal. Friends and family will get to enjoy a wonderful day of fun and romantic memories, love and laughter when looking at the wedding photos.

Our purpose is to take part in the creation of the loving memories of awesome Long Island Weddings, and to help create photo journalistic images such as this one and to convey the actual feeling and sentiment of the moment into imagery.

Location: Willow Creek Golf & Country Club. 1 Clubhouse Court, Mt Sinai, NY 11777.