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Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos

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Giorgio's Wedding Photos
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Giorgio's Wedding Photos

Lotus wedding photography has photographed many weddings at Giorgrios.

Our team of professional Long Island wedding photographers knows all of the best locations to take beautiful wedding photos on your wedding day.

Giorgio's Baiting Hollow is located at

100 Fox Hill Dr 
Baiting Hollow, NY 11933.

The windmill, the beach, the vineyards, and the golf course are just a few of our favorite locations to take creative and candid wedding photos. 

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We are so glad we chose Lotus as our wedding photographer. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and beautiful photos made it so easy to work with them and they captured such amazing memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We had a wonderful engagement shoot with James, who helped us look natural and have fun throughout, and our happiness shines through in our photos. For our wedding day, we had Vince and James as a team. Vince stuck to me throughout the day and did a great job capturing the candid joy and moments of the day. James took artistic shots and helped coordinate our poses. Both of them played with light, angles and the different areas throughout our venue to create a holistic album of photos and video footage. Overall, the Lotus team was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend them and their talent for any bride!
Reena K Facebook
I can’t even put into words how thankful I am to have had Justin and the Lotus Photography team be apart of our special day. From the moment my husband and I met Justin we hit it off. Justin understood our vision, listened and surpassed our expectations. He and his team were professional, timely and always a phone call away. Their creativity and ability to capture some of our most treasured memories was flawless. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to capture their beautiful moments with a professional team. -Jenna & Mike B.
Jenna B The Knot
Lotus is the most amazing photographers and talent videographers we have ever met. Justin and his crew are amazing. Photos are usually a bit exhausting but we might have to say we had just as much if not more fun with these guys than our guest! They made our rainy wedding day the brightest and most beautiful journey we could ask for. If you are wise book them! We hope to make more memories and explore new life steps just so that we can hire them and see them again! We love love love them. Five stars is not enough
Dominique Cecilia Facebook

We have 100's of 5 STAR reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook & Google.


Giorgio's Wedding Photographer

When we photograph your wedding day at Giorgio's, we always start with the bride's details.  These images help us tell the story of your wedding day.  Some of our favorite images to take at this section of the day are of the bridal bouquet, wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding bands, and veil. 

Bridal bouquet Wedding Photo

Candid Wedding Photos from a Wedding at Giorgio's

After we have taken images of your details, we then move on to the getting ready section of your day. We like to take images of the maid of honor and the mother of the bride helping the bride get ready. Some of these images include the mother of the bride zipping up the back of the wedding dress. Or perhaps the maid of honor placing the veil on the bride. These are great candid wedding photos you might want to include in your album.

Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-17

First Look at Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow 

What is the first look?  A first look is when the bride and groom see each other prior to their ceremony.  The reason to do this is so we can take all of their fun bridal party photos, traditional family portraits as well as the romantic images of the couple together prior to their ceremony.  If we do not do the first look all of these must-have wedding photographs must be done during the couples cocktail hour. 

First Look at the windmill at Giorgios

Fun bridal party photos at Giorgio's

Of course, we take the traditional posed bridal party photos where everyone is looking at the camera.  But our favorite photos are always the ones who have feeling behind them.  Fun candid bridal party photos are a must-have in your wedding gallery.  When we photograph your bridal party photos, we will take images of the entire bridal party together with the bride and groom, the groom with each of his groomsmen as well as the bride with each of her bridesmaids.  We will take a formal photo and then some fun ones.  This gives you plenty of variation to choose from when selecting images for your wedding album.

Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-32

Windmill Wedding Photos at Giorgio's

The windmill at Giorgio's is a great location for us to take creative and candid wedding photos on your big day.  

We have done first looks here, fun bridal party images as well as romantic photos of our couples here.  Just a quick 4-minute drive from Giorgios and you have everything you need in one location. 

Giorgios windmill Wedding Photos-4

The Vineyards at Giorgio's Wedding Photographs

Giorgio's vineyards are what Giorgios is most known for.  This is a great location that we have used time and time again to create beautiful images of our couples for years.

When choosing a wedding photographer for your big day it is important that they know the grounds very well.  We have photographed dozens of weddings at Giorgio's over the years and know all of the great locations that will give you the images you have always dreamed of. 

Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-12

Outdoor Ceremony Photos at Giorgio's

What more could you ask for in a ceremony space? Fantastic views, fresh-cut grass, beautiful sunsets.  Giorgios has everything you are going to want in an outdoor ceremony space. 

During your ceremony, we will take many candid images of the first time the groom sees his bride walking down the aisle, your ring exchange, vows, and of course the first time you kiss as husband and wife.  

Outdoor Ceremony Photos at Giorgios

Romantic Wedding Photos at Giorgio's

Giorgios has so many great locations to take beautiful wedding photos.  This image was taken right after the couple's ceremony.  They planned it so the sunset would happen during their cocktail hour. During their finals appointment, they told us that getting some beautiful sunset photos of them is a must-have for their wedding gallery.  So right before they went into their cocktail hour we took 5 minutes and took a few really beautiful images of the bride and groom together with the sunset in Giorgio's vineyards. 

One of the things that make us different than any other Long Island Wedding Photographer is that we take the time to get to know our couples.  By learning about you and what is important to you, we tailor how we photograph your wedding day.

Romantic Wedding Photos at Giorgios

Everything you need to know about Giorgrios


Giorgio's Baiting Hollow Rooms & Features


  • Main Ballroom

    The main ballroom at Giorgios in Baiting Hollow is beautiful.  It can host up to 250 guests on your wedding day.  

    Our team of professional wedding photographers has photographed many weddings at Giorgio's over the years. 

    We know all of the great locations to use to create beautiful wedding photos on your big day. 

    During your reception, we will take many candid photos that you are going to want to include in your wedding album.  Some of these images include the bride's and groom's grand entrance, as well as the bride's and groom's first dance, your parent dances, cake cutting ceremony, and best man and maid of honor speeches. 

    When we photograph these moments, we take a nonintrusive approach which allows us to get the best candid photos possible. 

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-78

  • Bridal Suite

    The bridal suite at Giorgio's is the perfect place to use for your getting ready photos on your wedding day.  It is brand new, modern, light and airy and just a joy to photograph.

    When we photograph your getting ready photos, the first thing we do is take images of your details such as your wedding dress, engagement rings, bridal bouquet, and veil.  Then when we photograph your getting ready images.

     I love to ask the mother of the bride to help her zip up the wedding dress, the maid of honor then helps put in the veil.  These are images you are going to want to use in your wedding album.

    Giorgios Bridal Suite Wedding Photos-1

    Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-3Giorgios Bridal Suite Wedding Photos-7

    Giorgios Bridal Suite Wedding Photos-4

    Giorgios Bridal Suite Wedding Photos-3

  • Vineyards

    The vineyards are a great location to use to take all types of wedding photos.  I have photographed everything from the bride's and groom's first look, fun bridal party images, traditional family portraits, and romantic images of the newlyweds. 

    When choosing a photographer to photograph the most important day of your life, you want to choose someone that is very familiar with their grounds and knows where to take the best wedding photos possible. 

    Our team of professional wedding photographers have photographed many weddings at Giorgio's and will take images just like this for you on your wedding day. 

    Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-12

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-71

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-66

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-70

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-69

  • Golf Course

    When you choose us to photograph your wedding at Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow, you are choosing a wedding photographer.

    Giorgios Wedding Photography Studio-1

    Giorgios Wedding Photography Studio-3

    Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-6Giorgios Wedding Photography Studio-4

    Giorgios Wedding Photography Studio-8

    Giorgios Wedding Photography Studio-6

  • Windmill

    One of Giorgio's biggest features is all of their great locations to use on your wedding day. 

    The windmill is one of my favorite locations to photograph our couple's first look, fun photos of the bride and each of her bridesmaids and the groom and each of his groomsman.  The windmill provides a beautiful background for all of these images. 

    Giorgios windmill Wedding Photos-4Giorgios windmill Wedding Photos-6

    Giorgios windmill Wedding Photos-5Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-40

    Giorgios windmill Wedding Photos-1Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-42

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-43

    Giorgios windmill Wedding Photos-3Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-41

    Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-1

  • Beach

    Another fantastic location that Giorgio's offers to all of their couples are the beach.  

    What makes Giorgios unlike any other catering hall is that they have transportation ready to take you, your future husband, your bridal party, and family to all of these locations.  That is incredible!

    As a professional wedding photographer, we photograph weddings at Giorgio's all year long. We know all of the great locations to use to give you the wedding photos of your dreams.

    Beach Wedding Photos at Giorgios-6

    Beach Wedding Photos at Giorgios-8

    Beach Wedding Photos at Giorgios-3


    Beach Wedding Photos at Giorgios-8

    Beach Wedding Photos at Giorgios-4

  • Outdoor ceremony space

    The outdoor ceremony spaces at Giorgio's is the perfect place to marry the love of your life.

    It can host up to 250 guests, has 360-degree views of beautiful greenery and the sunsets here are amazing for all of your wedding photography needs. 

    When we photograph your ceremony we will photograph all of the events in a candid photography style. I will take photos of the first time the groom sees his bride-to-be as she walks down the aisle in her wedding dress, your vows, ring exchange ceremony, your first kiss as husband and wife as well as many candid photos of your guests as they watch you marry the man of your dreams. 

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-51

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-56

  • Back Area

    Yet another location at Giorgio's to take fantastic photos in the back area.  This is to the right of the outdoor ceremony space, right outside of the main ballroom.  

    I want to put this into perspective, some catering halls on Long Island have a space half this size as their main location to take photos, Giorgios has so many great locations to use it is incredible! 

    This area has also been used as an additional outdoor ceremony space, but I have always photographed bridal parties, family photos, and couples' portraits here as well.

    Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-8

    Back Area of Giorgios-1Best Giorgios Wedding Photos-10

    Back Area of Giorgios-2

    Back Area of Giorgios-3

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-96

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-99

    Giorgios Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos-97


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