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Oheka Castle is
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Oheka Castle Wedding Photos
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Oheka Castle Wedding Photos

Lotus Wedding Photography has photographed many weddings at Oheka Castle.

Oheka Castle is a beautiful catering hall located at

135 W Gate Dr,
Huntington, NY 11743.

Our team of professional Long Island wedding photographers knows all of the best locations to use to take beautiful wedding photos on your big day.

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We are so glad we chose Lotus as our wedding photographer. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and beautiful photos made it so easy to work with them and they captured such amazing memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We had a wonderful engagement shoot with James, who helped us look natural and have fun throughout, and our happiness shines through in our photos. For our wedding day, we had Vince and James as a team. Vince stuck to me throughout the day and did a great job capturing the candid joy and moments of the day. James took artistic shots and helped coordinate our poses. Both of them played with light, angles and the different areas throughout our venue to create a holistic album of photos and video footage. Overall, the Lotus team was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend them and their talent for any bride!
Reena K Facebook
I can’t even put into words how thankful I am to have had Justin and the Lotus Photography team be apart of our special day. From the moment my husband and I met Justin we hit it off. Justin understood our vision, listened and surpassed our expectations. He and his team were professional, timely and always a phone call away. Their creativity and ability to capture some of our most treasured memories was flawless. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to capture their beautiful moments with a professional team. -Jenna & Mike B.
Jenna B The Knot
Lotus is the most amazing photographers and talent videographers we have ever met. Justin and his crew are amazing. Photos are usually a bit exhausting but we might have to say we had just as much if not more fun with these guys than our guest! They made our rainy wedding day the brightest and most beautiful journey we could ask for. If you are wise book them! We hope to make more memories and explore new life steps just so that we can hire them and see them again! We love love love them. Five stars is not enough
Dominique Cecilia Facebook



Detail Wedding Photos

When we photograph a wedding, we are always thinking about the best way to tell our couples story through our images.  Your detail photos are a major part of telling your story.  Images of your wedding dress, engagement rings, wedding bands, veil, and bridal bouquet set the tone for the rest of the images to come. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-2

Candid Wedding Photographs

Candid wedding photos are the heart and soul of any wedding album.  After we photograph your details, we then move on to the bride's prep.  During your bride prep wedding photos, we ask the mother of the bride to help the bride to be zip up her wedding dress, or the maid of honor to place the veil.  One of my favorite candid wedding photos to take at Oheka Castle is images of the bride reading a card that her groom-to-be wrote to her.  I ask her to read this right before we do the ceremony or first look.  The emotions of these moments are warm and beautiful to photograph.

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-31

First Look at Oheka Castle

A first look is when couples choose to see each other prior to their wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to do a first look because they want to take all of their fun bridal party photos, traditional family portraits, and romantic couples photos prior to their ceremony.  Then after the ceremony, everyone can enjoy cocktail hour instead of missing it because to were taking all of the above-mentioned photos.  

When we photograph your first look at Oheka Castle, we will take a very candid approach.  The reason for this is we want to capture all of the raw emotions that happen.  

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-38

Creative Wedding Photos at Oheka Castle

Of course, we love warm, candid loving wedding photos at Oheka Castle, but we believe your wedding gallery should have a mix of photography styles.  I want you to look at your images 20 years from now and see beautiful moments, creative detail photos, romantic images of you, and your partner as well as stunning creating photos of you and your husband on your wedding day.

For this image, I used the Oheka Castle's grand entrance staircase to create images of the bride and groom.  I love the symmetry of this image, the window light hits both the bride and groom beautifully creating depth and dimension in this creative wedding photo. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-45

Timeless Wedding Photos at Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle is full of fantastic locations to take creative wedding photos. Most professional wedding photographers can be tricked into just using these locations to show off the beautiful grounds, but I think that showing our couples true personality and relationship is more important than just take a pretty photo. 

When you choose Lotus Wedding Photography to photograph your wedding at Oheka Castle, you are not only getting a seasoned professional wedding photographer, you are getting someone who is fun and outgoing.  It is so important to feel comfortable with your photographer.  When you are comfortable with us, you will almost forget that we are taking photos of you, which will allow you to relax and then will allow us to take images like this for you on your wedding day. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-57

Fun bridal party photos at Oheka Castle

Your bridal party is your best friends, we want to show that in our images.  Of course, we will take a traditional photo of the bride and each on of her bridesmaids together, the groom and each of his groomsmen together, a big group shot of the bride with all of her bridesmaids together, the groom and all of his groomsmen together as well as a big bridal party photo of everything together all looking at the camera. 

There is a traditional bridal party photo you are going to want.  But the images that more often end up printed or selected for wedding albums are the candid photos of you together with your bridal party.  The ones where everything is laughing and having a great time.

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-89

Candid Ceremony Wedding Photos at Oheka Castle

Your wedding ceremony is going to be full of beautiful moments.  The first time the groom sees his bride-to-be walking down the aisle, the father of the bride giving his baby girl away, your vows, ring exchange ceremony, the first kiss as husband and wife, your friends and family laughing and crying as your marry the man of your dreams.  We take great care in capturing all of these moments in a candid photography style. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-101

Oheka Castle - Reception Detail Photos

While you are enjoying your cocktail hour, we are in Oheka Castle's grand ballroom photographing all of your reception details.  Some of these images include your wedding cake, dais, card box, centerpieces, table settings, and floral arrangements. 

All of these images help tell the story of our couple's wedding day at Oheka Castle. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-133

Sunset Wedding Photos at Oheka Castle

There is nothing like a sunset photo at Oheka Castle.  I love this image, the warm glow of the sunset hits the bride's wedding dress, and the groom's tux, the way the couples embrace each other all paired with Oheka Castle's beautiful grounds. 

When choosing a professional wedding photographer to photograph your big day at Oheka Castle, you should not only look at the best of the best image, you should see a gallery of images as we have here.  You need to make sure they take great photos of every aspect of your wedding day. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-124

Room Shot at Oheka Castle

About 10 minutes before your cocktail hour ends, your bridal attendant will ask you if you want to see your ballroom before your guests enter.  At this, we will take what is commonly known as a room shot.  This is when we take a photo of the couple together on the dance floor.  I love this photo because it shows off Oheka Castles grand ballroom, the chandeliers, your floral arrangements, your wedding dress.  It is a fantastic photo to include in your wedding album or thank you cards.

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-130

Oheka Castle - First Dance Wedding Photos

When you choose Lotus Wedding Photography to photograph your wedding at Oheka Castle, you automatically have us for up to 10 hours. We don't believe that means you should have a 10-hour photoshoot, where we are constantly posing you and your husband all day long.  Don't get me wrong, we want to take fun photos of your bridal party, traditional family photos, and creative photos you and your husband.  But then we don't want you to notice we are even there.

Your reception is going to be full of amazing moments. We will take many great candid photos of all of these moments.  When you do not realize we are there, you can be in the moment which will allow us to take images just like this on your wedding day. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-139

Best man & Maid of honor Speech at Oheka Castle

From your grand entrance into the ballroom, your first dance as husband and wife, your best man and maid of honor speeches, your parent dances to your cake cutting ceremony we will be there taking beautiful candid wedding photos. 

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-159

Parent Dances at Oheka Castle

Your parent dances are beautiful memories you are going to want to relive again and again.  When I photograph your parent dances at Oheka Castle I use a variety of photography techniques to not only show the real emotion of these events but I also photograph them in a creative and timeless style.  

Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-150

Everything you need to know about Oheka Castle


Oheka Castle Rooms & Features

  • Terrace Room

    The Terrace Room at Oheka Castle is their grand ballroom.  This is where your actual reception will take place.  

    Oheka Castle provides all of its couples with complimentary uplighting which will give all of your reception photos a beautiful glow in the background.

    The Terrace Room also has two large crystal chandeliers, which make for great accents in your first dance as husband and wife as well as your parent dances. 

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-108

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-129

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-130Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-105

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-94Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-152

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-103

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-96

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-106

  • Terrace Lawn

    The Terrace Lawn is where you will host your outdoor ceremony at Oheka Castle.  

    During your ceremony, I always have your second photographer to your bridal suite so he can capture a wide-angle photo of the bride walking down the aisle from behind as well as a wide-angle lens of your ceremony with all of the beautiful grounds in the background. 

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-106

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-104

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-97

    Aside from your ceremony, we have photographed everything else from silly photos of your bridesmaids, to cool photos of the groomsmen, formal family portraits as well as romantic photos of the bride and groom together.

    This is a beautiful multi-purpose space for all of your wedding photography needs.

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-124

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-121

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-120

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-95

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-12

  • Grand Staircase

    When you first enter Oheka Castle, the grand staircase is the first thing you see.  The iron railings, large windows, and stone walls all photograph beautifully on your wedding day.

    When we photograph weddings here, I love to use the grand staircase for first look photos of the bride and groom, fun bridal party images and modern photos of the bride alone, groom alone as well as together. 

    Whenever I take photos of couples together using the grand staircase it always ends up in either thank you cards, parent albums, or main album of the bride and groom. 

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-29

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-42

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-44

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-48

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-66

    Another great location of Oheka Castle's grand staircase is its doorway.  When you photograph the couple in the other direction of the staircase you can get images just like these.

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-47

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-53

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-52

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-49

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-1

  • Main Entrance

    Oheka Castle's main entrance will wow your guests as well as your wedding photos.

    The cobblestones, the castle, the archway, this location is just stunning.   

    Our team of professional wedding photographers has photographed many weddings at this beautiful Long Island catering hall.  

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-36

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-15

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-22

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-23

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-32

  • Library

    The library at Oheka Castle is a nice little room that we like to use for a few purposes.  While the groom's suite is nice for his getting ready, for our style of photography the Library is our go-to location for groom prep photos. 

    The large windows and dark wood provide a nice contract when photographing the groom alone, or reading a card that his bride to be sent him.  

    When possible we use available light to give direction, tone, and mood to our wedding photographs. The library just gives us that look that we are always looking for. 

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-35

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-25

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-96

  • Driveway

    The driveway at Oheka Castle is a stunning tree-lined area that I use every chance I get when photographing weddings here.  The leading lines of the trees frame the bride and groom perfectly.

    This area can be used for many wedding photos, bridal parties, couples' portraits, first reveals, you name it, this area is great for it. 

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-60

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-62

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-59

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-43

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-55

  • Pool

    The pool at Oheka Castle is a little hidden gem of a location that most photographers do not know about. 

    This area is perfect if the weather is not perfect, or just to give your wedding photos a different look.  

    I love to use the vine-covered walls to create dreamy wedding photos of the bride and groom alone together. 

    I have also used the pool to take some cool photos of the groom with this groomsmen together. 

    Oheka Castle really does have so many fantastic locations to use to create artistic, and interesting photos on your wedding day.

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-75

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-72

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-79

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-69

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-70

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-78

  • Gazebo

    When you walk to the very back of the Oheka Castles garden area, past the fountain, past the Terrace Lawn you will find the Gazabo.  

    The vine-covered, stone gazebo is stunning. 

    I love to place the bride here alone, the contrast of her white wedding dress, long veil, green vines, and stone gazebo pair up perfectly and produce an image that you are going to want in your wedding album. 

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-80

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-74

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-79

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-81

    In addition to beautiful photos of the newlyweds together here, I have also photographed the groom and each of his groomsmen as well as the bride and each of her bridesmaids using Oheka Castle's gazebo as the backdrop.

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-86

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-88

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-83

  • Fountain

    The Fountain at Oheka Castle is yet another beautiful feature of Oheka Castle's grounds. 

    Whether you are looking for light and airy wedding photos or dark and dramatic images, Oheka Castle has every type of location to create any wedding photos you could possibly want. 

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-69

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-70Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-2

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-72

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-3

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-82

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-86

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-7

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-9

  • Bridal Suite

    Oheka Castle has one of the best bridal suites of any Long Island catering hall.  When it has multiple rooms and overlooks the Terrace Lawn.

    When we photograph your wedding at Oheka Castle, we usually always start in the bridal suite. It proved the best backdrop for not only your detail photos but all of your getting ready images as well. 

    Our team of professional wedding photographers have photographed many weddings at Oheka Castle and know all of the great locations to use to create images just like these for you on your big day. 

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-7

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-27

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-8

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-22

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-31

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-13

    Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-94

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-16

    Best Oheka Castle Wedding Photos-11

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