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Westbury Manor Wedding Photography Studio: Creative

Westbury Manor Wedding Photographer

Westbury Manor is one of our favorite Long Island venues to photograph weddings.  Westbury Manor has some of the best grounds of any venue in Long Island.  

The symbolism of this image is clear, the bride and groom hold hands as they share a candid moment and join one another down a path together. I love the magical romantic garden of Westbury Manor, a loving expression of beginning a new life together is immortalized. The lush greenery surrounding the bride and groom provides an ethereal ambiance which further accentuates the emotion of the moment that the bride and groom are sharing on this special day.

Candid Wedding Photography

I create beautiful photos like this one, so that their children can one day also share and experience the heartfelt love which made possible a lineage. This photo was taken at the elegant Westbury Manor just before sunset. Both the bride and groom enjoyed an afternoon of frolicking in the gardens of this luxurious venue. 

This is a photojournalist wedding photograph that seems to cast a spell on the beholder and transports them back into the very moment it was taken, where they too can experience the emotion, joy and enthusiasm of the journey that this couple embarked upon together.

If one day when life gets hectic just by looking at these photos, this couple can remember the magic of their wedding. They can simply look at their wedding photos and be taken back into a magical, joyful day full of love and beauty.

I started Lotus Wedding Photography because I want to be able to show my clients their wedding day through my eyes. Capturing the moment is why I became a photographer. I wanted to take part in the the creation of their memories, to convey emotion through imagery and be a small part in a couples big day.

Location: Westbury Manor, 1100 Jericho Turnpike, Westbury, NY 11590.