Willow Creek Country Club Wedding Photographer - Bride
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Willow Creek Country Club Wedding Photographer - Bride

Willow Creek Country Club Wedding Photographer - Bride

Creative Will Creek Country Club is a perfect choise to host your wedding!  Stunning is the word that comes to mind when first glance at this dramatic and creative long Island wedding photo. Images such as this one are the reason I became a Long Island Photographer.

Here, the bride stands holding her wedding bouquet facing the light which casts a brilliant glow upon her face and wedding dress. Her wedding gown is illuminated as it drapes around her body, which emphasizes the exquisite lace detailing. The mood of this photo is powerful as the lighting cracks across the sky and shoots down in just the right places. The colors which seem to be in contrast, also compliment one another. The green grass in between the white fence and the stark black pavement under the white flowing gown create a sharp variation which gives this image a modern flare.

I started this Long Island Wedding Photography Studio because I want to be able to show my clients their wedding day through my vision. 

This breathtaking photograph was shot at the impressive Willow Creek Country Club. The bride and groom will get to relive a wonderful day of fun, happy memories, love and romance when looking at there wedding album for years to come.

Location: Willow Creek Country Club - 1 Clubhouse Court, Mt Sinai, NY 11777.