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One of the reasons we are considered the best Glen Cove Mansion Wedding Photographers is because we truly care about your photography and videography.

Glen Cove Mansion is located at 200 Dosoris Ln, Glen Cove, NY 11542. They are a one-wedding-at-a-time catering hall, which means we can take you all around the grounds to create beautiful wedding photos and videos.

Our professional wedding photographers are trained in all styles of photography, including light and airy wedding photos, candid, and posed images.

We take the time to get to know you and your fiancé's vision of your wedding album. By learning about what you envision for your wedding photos and video, we can adjust how we photograph your wedding day. Maybe you like light and airy wedding photos of you and your wife. You also want some traditional images of your formal family photos. This is the reason we are considered the BEST Glen Cove Mansion wedding photographers.



This creative wedding photo was taken at Glen Cove Mansion's bridal suite. At this point in the day, we had already photographed the ceremony, fun bridal party photos, and traditional family photos. We were taking the bride and groom's portraits and had already taken many light and airy wedding photos, but wanted to give them something more unique. I took them into the bridal suite because I knew I would be able to control the light, and I wanted to create something a bit more modern and dramatic.

I love how the window light hits the bride's face and falls off on her body. I added a hair light so we could see her veil and the groom's face. One of my favorite things about this portrait is the way the couple holds each other. I love how the bride's white wedding dress and groom's dark tux balance the image.

If you like this image, please take the time to check out our Glen Cove Mansion gallery. I am sure there are some images you may want to take on your wedding day.

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