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We have photographed many weddings at the Vanderbilt Museum.

Vanderbilt Museum has beautiful grounds that provide the perfect backdrop for any wedding photo.

I love taking our bridal party to the back of the museum for some fun and silly photos of our bridesmaids and groomsmen. Once these photos are completed, I like to take my time with the newlyweds. We walk up and down the pathways capturing candid moments between our couples.

The image you are looking at was capture in Vanderbilt's Rose Garden. This area is perfect for our couple's portraits.

One of my favorite things about this photo is how the bride and groom are holding each other, while the bride's veil flows in the wind. This creates a feeling of movement. I also love how the roses provide the perfect foreground leading the viewers' eyes to the couple as they have a candid moment.

After the couples portraits were completed, we went to the cocktail hour and then on the reception, where we photographed the rest of the night's formalities such as the entrance, parent dances, cake cutting, and the garter bouquet toss as candidly as possible. By photographing your reception in a candid and non-obtrusive manner, we are able to show what it was really like to be at your wedding.

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Written by Lotus Weddings