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After photographing all of the important parts of the wedding day, such as the family photos, bridal party photos, detail shots, and of course, the ceremony, we walked around the grounds of Westbury Manor looking for interesting angles and creative photo opportunities. We love taking candid wedding photos, but we like to give our couples a variety of images to choose from. So their wedding album is as diverse as possible. I like this creative wedding photo, it is different than most wedding pictures. I love how this image shows off Westbury Manor's grounds also.

This wedding photo is the reason I became a Long Island Wedding Photographer. The bride and groom stand on a staircase at the Westbury Manor. The scale of the staircase and building create a powerful perspective in this image, which is endless. In this Fall wedding photo, the variations of greens in the trees along with the brick of the architecture of Westbury Manor, adds a modern flair to this image.

The natural sunlight cast upon the bride and groom provides an intensity that captures the attention. The bride is beaming as she stands across from her groom in her wedding gown, holding her wedding flowers. The groom stands opposite his love, sure as ever.

This image is timeless, and the feel is intense while capturing the romance and passion of this couple. When one looks upon this dramatic photo, they will be pulled in to the three-dimensional diorama. I create images like this one, so that family, friends, and children of this couple, as well as the bride and groom themselves, can be taken back the genuine love caught at the Long Island wedding day.

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Written by Lotus Weddings