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If you're searching for a stunning venue to host your wedding celebration, Willow Creek Country Club is the perfect choice! 

The image above was taken on the grounds of the Willow Creek Country Club. 

The bride delicately holds her wedding bouquet, as the light casts a brilliant glow on her face and white wedding dress. Her gown is illuminated as it drapes around her body, emphasizing the exquisite lace detailing.

The mood of this photograph is powerful. As we captured this snapshot, the lighting crackled across the sky and the thunder shot down in just the right places.

The colors which seem to be in contrast, also compliment one another. The grass in between the white fence and the stark black pavement help create a sharp variation under the white gown,  which gives this image a modern flare.

This and other images we captured of the bride and groom on their special day will serve to reignite the love, romance, and happy memories for years to come.

Lotus Weddings

Written by Lotus Weddings