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Lotus Weddings has photographed many weddings at the Fox Hollow Wedding Photos. This Long Island catering hall has everything a professional wedding photographer needs to create images that you and your husband will love forever.

The Somerley at Fox Hollow is located at 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797. They have a beautiful grand ballroom that can hold up to 300 guests.

This image was taken right after the couple's first reveal. A first reveal is when the bride sees her groom for the first time before their ceremony. The reason to do this is that when you have your ceremony and reception at the same location, you usually have to do your formal family portraits, fun bridal party images, and couples photos during your cocktail hour.

When you do the first reveal, you can get all of these traditional wedding photos done prior to your ceremony, allowing everyone to go to their cocktail hour and enjoy your wedding.

As a Long Island wedding photographer, one of the most important things for me is to capture creative and different images for my newlyweds. In this photo, you see the bride and groom holding one another while gazing into the distance.

At this point on the wedding day, we already captured many candid wedding photos. We wanted to switch up our photography style and create a more artistic couple portrait.

When we take photojournalistic photos, we do not have control over the lighting or pose. We are just looking for great moments that will help us tell the story of your wedding day.

Some of our favorite candid images to take on wedding days are when the groom sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress walking down the aisle. Or during your ceremony, candid photos of the father of the bride or mother of the bride crying are great to add to any wedding album. But if I had to pick a single candid photograph that I would love to capture at every wedding, it would have to be your parent dances. There is nothing more powerful than seeing emotion parent dances.

But when we start the portraits, we have full control over the lighting and pose and overall tone of each image. I love how the light hits the bride's face and creates such beautiful shadows on her cheekbone. This gives this image such depth and makes it a dramatic wedding photo.

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Written by Lotus Weddings