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We love being Westbury Manor wedding photographers and videographers.

Westbury Manor is located at 1100 Jericho Turnpike, Westbury, NY 11590.

When it comes to creating beautiful wedding photos, Westbury Manor sure has it all. This primer Long Island catering hall has everything a creative photographer or videographer will need to capture light and airy images for you and your husband to cherish forever.

Some of the features Westbury Manor has to offer are:

The Manor Room

The Manor room can hold up to 300 guests and is 4,267 square feet. What is great about the Manor Room is that it opens up to the Garden Area. This is an excellent addition to any wedding venue, it allows your guests to break from all of the dancing and parting.

The Garden Room

The Garden Room is approximately 1,928 square feet, which can comfortably host up to 100 guests. We have photographed dozens of weddings in the Garden Room, and while the Manor Room holds more guests, the Garden room is perfect for an intimate wedding.

The Hill Room

The Hill Room is located on the second floor of Westbury Manor. It is 1,698 square feet and can comfortably accommodate 40 -100 guests. One of our favorite features of the Hill Room is that it is located right next to the Bridal Suite, as well as the Photo Studio.


The Library is located just outside of the Garden Room. This room is where Westbury Manor holds it's indoor cocktail hour, as well as the primary location for photo booths. The Library also holds the bar for the Garden Room. I personally love this room because it gives your guests the ability to move from dancing the night away in your reception to having a quiet drink in an intimate setting.

Photo Studio

Westbury Manor's indoor photo studio is one of our favorite features. In the event of bad weather, we can easily photograph all of your fun bridal party and family photos here. We have photographed many of our bridal portraits as well as images of our brides and grooms together right in this room. The lavish chaise lounge, fireplace, crystal chandelier, and mirrors allow us as your wedding photographers to come up with unique and timeless images that you and your fiancé will love forever.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about Westbury Manor's Garden and Grounds.

Gardens and Grounds

While all of Westbury Manor's rooms are superb, the grounds are usually why you booked here in the first place. The beautiful landscape of Westbury Manor provides wonderful photographic opportunities, such as stone pathways, stone bridges, lush greenery, ponds with real fish, and you can't forget about the peacocks. We have photographed some fun bridal party images right on the stone bridge, family photos on the pathway, and our romantic couples portraits of our brides and grooms all over their beautiful grounds.

During the start of the wedding day, we photographed the bride and groom's details, such as the wedding dress, shoes, bridal bouquet, wedding rings, engagement ring, and the groom's tux and cufflinks.

We photographed most of their fun bridal party photos, family photos, and couples portraits in Westbury Manor's beautiful bridal suite.

As we were wrapping up the photoshoot and going to cocktail hour, I noticed that the sun was out. I asked the bride and groom if they would like some photos using Westbury Manor's beautiful grounds, they agreed, and we ran outside to capture some light and airy wedding portraits.

Check out our full gallery of images from Westbury Manor.

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