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Willow Creek Country Club is one of the nicest venues in Long Island to host your wedding. We have photographed dozens of weddings at the Willow Creek Country Club.

They have incredibly beautiful grounds that make for creative and dramatic portraits of our brides and grooms.

This image was taken right after before sunset, as the venue prepared the newlyweds cocktail hour. The bride and groom wanted to make sure that they got at least one photo with the sunset.

I really believe that we at Lotus Wedding are one of the best wedding photography studios in Long Island. We create different and creative wedding images for you and your family to love forever. We have a unique perspective, and I believe that we will get that extra photo or two that most long Island wedding photographers are going to miss.

If you like this wedding photo, please take the time to check out the rest of our website. We photograph weddings all over Long Island, and I am sure there is something here that will fit your style.

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Written by Lotus Weddings